It's about the story.

We use our combined expertise in television and storytelling to create full-length branded programming that engages and entertains your audience.

It's about relationships.

Our unique access to television networks allows us to maximize your brand’s exposure to millions of consumers on television nationally, internationally, digitally and through media outlets getting millions of media impressions and unique social media users.


How It's Done


Our core development team consists of seasoned writers, producers, and directors. We know how to weave your brand or product into a storyline that compels action and naturally incorporate celebrities and/or major influencers.


Our crew has spent decades in the television industry, which has given us unique access to the best people in the business, iconic locations, and incredible vendors.

Branded Content

We want to see your brand succeed, and it’s our job to make that happen. We use branded content as a tool to tell an authentic, engaging story that helps to significantly increase consumer interest and spending.

About Us

Stan Wong, Co-Founder

With over a decade of advertising experience, Stan knows how to authentically engage an audience and drive organic promotion. As a writer and director, Stan has created narrative short films and promotional corporate videos for a wide range of clients. He is able to make anyone feel comfortable in front of a camera while producing beautiful, eye-catching visuals during both the production and post-production processes.

Jennifer Hutchins, Co-Founder

As a 20-year veteran of reality network TV, Jennifer has produced over 200 episodes of hit shows on networks such as CBS, CNN, Discovery, A&E, SYFY, TLC, TBS and more. A writer at heart, Jennifer knows how to create a compelling, organic storyline, which is evident in her work with A&E’s hit show “Criss Angel Mindfreak,” SYFY’s “Ghost Hunters International,” and the Speed Channel’s “The Car Show” starring Adam Carolla.


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