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Stan Wong on set

S t a n   W o n g

Writer / Director


Stan Wong was born in Singapore, lived in Malaysia, England and later moved to the U.S. at the age of 15. As a young adult, Stan worked with his family in property development. He moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue opportunities in the tech industry. This is when he began exploring his creative side and started writing. He expanded his network into film and became more involved in the motion picture industry. He was captivated by the work of writers, and directors. He began his career in production in 2009, writing his first screenplay.


Stan made his first film "Lonely" in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the craft. He decided to dedicate more of his time to film, establishing his company, Infinite Fountain Productions llc., in 2014. Shooting commercials and short films for clients and other filmmakers, he learned everything he could about writing, directing and producing.  Biding his time till he was confident that he could make a film that was compelling, interesting, paced well and with fully developed characters, "Departure" was written in 2014 with several rewrites and help from professional writers. It will be Stan's first feature film.

Dimitrius Pulido Headshot

D i m i t r i u s

P u l i d o


Dimitrius Pulido was born in Chicago, IL. His father is from Mexico and his mother's family is from Athens, Greece. He started his acting career with a small role in "Raw Deal" with 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'.


He then moved to Los Angeles to work on "General Hospital." He lives in Austin, Texas, where he worked on "The Change Up" with 'Ryan Reynolds' and "Machete" with 'Danny Trejo', "Sin City, A Dame To Die For," with 'Joseph Gordon-Levitt'. He has appeared on indie films "Curse of Babylon," "Alternate Realities," "Harbinger," "Inhumane." His most recent project was in "Alita: Battle Angel" directed by 'Robert Rodriguez' and written by 'James Cameron'.


He has a strong interest in supporting organizations that help abused women and children and would like to get more involved as a spokesperson to share his own personal experiences. He would like to further his career so it can be used as a vehicle to get more help for these causes.

Michael Goodman on set

M i c h a e l

G o o d m a n


Michael Goodman was born in Rochester, MN, he attended Baylor University, where he discovered the exciting world of filmmaking.  He graduated in 2015 with a degree in Film and Digital Media. 


Michael joined Infinite Fountain Productions in December 2015, starting as an intern, where he worked with Stan Wong, continuing to learn more and sharpen his skills.  He has worked on preforming a variety of tasks that includes story writing, audio, lighting, camerawork, editing, motion graphics and even Photoshop. 


Michael discovered a deep passion for editing at Infinite Fountain Productions.  He has edited a variety of projects, from short film to commercials.  He knows how to edit a video to convey emotion and give a strong, captivating message with the ability to create vivid motion graphics that impress and captivate viewers. 


Michael helped write the story for “Departure” and is continuing to work on feature scripts with Stan, as well as developing feature film productions. 

Douglas Edward Headshot

D o u g l a s

E d w a r d


Douglas is a Texas raised, LA based Film Composer and classically trained Violinist/Pianist who has scored over 60 films and productions, winning 6 awards from best film scoring to best original song.

His credits include feature films on Lifetime Channel, Syfy Channel and Activision's video game "The Amazing Spiderman" as well as many other productions.  

Douglas has recorded with many artists including Alan, Smile Smile, The February Chorus, Bill Callahan, and Clinic. He has also performed live with Black Tie Dynasty, Calhoun, Flickerstick, and The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash at various venues and outdoor music festivals including the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans.

Douglas was born near San Francisco, grew up in both Wiesbaden and San Antonio, and currently writes music for media while based in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Music Composition and is a member of ASCAP.

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